Thursday, December 4, 2008


Hello one and all, this is the first post of many on this wonderful new blog. So....

Today's News:
Vivian got her period. 
Pearl can't go out tonight because she's spending YET ANOTHER night giggling in Hicks with her soon-to-be-facebook official-boyfriend, Pokey. 
Montana was seen out of her Northface. It was a shocking moment, and many people still don't believe it. I was there and it was amazing. Like looking into the sky and seeing a shooting star. I made a wish.
Deborah is still looking for a date to ANY FORMAL AT ALL, on account that her boyfriend's house does nothing but build and tear down large boats. 
Prudence will shack for the second time in her life this weekend at Orchid. Vivian may need to give her the sex talk, we're not sure. (Prudence, let us know...)
Agnes still has no life. 

Not much news to report thus far, but after any Thursday night I'm sure there will be shackings, and other sorts of shananigans to tell. 


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